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Duluth Family Sauna *

Located in the heart of Duluth, the Duluth Family Sauna is a gay-friendly establishment that is open to everyone. Gay men, however, have their own play area downstairs which has long been known as the place to meet guys for decades. This business is the only one of its kind in the state, and it regularly gets customers from Minneapolis, St Paul, and as far as Chicago and Winnipeg. The common area for men includes a locker room, shower room, huge steam/sauna room, TV, lounges playing gay porn constantly, semi-private rooms, lots of hallways, and nudity is allowed everywhere. Free condoms are provided by the management.

18 N. 1st Av. E (1st Ave E & E 1st St)
Duluth, MN 55802

(218) 726-1388


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  • Assfuck466 gave this place *
    More bath house stuff from my film and television producer
    What I wrote in my prior review is all true as is what I'm writing now. While fucking me at the Sauna Daddy took me in my room and ordered me to give him my camera. Now, cock slut, we're going to make gay porn. Fuck yes, assmaster Daddy. Use the fuck out of me on video. On your knees and I got in position. You ready? You know I am, assfucker hardcore Daddy. He then got me ready with lube and when he thought my asshole was ready he lubed up and shoved his cock in so hard. Hold the camera so it gets my cock in your ass. Very nice. This will view really well. Your ass tightens when I bottom in you. Your ass grips my cock and that makes me want to cum, cock slut. You want me to cum, whore? Yes, please, hardcore buttfuck Daddy. You really want my cum? Fuck yes, macho assfucker Daddy!! Just play with my balls. That's it. Like that, cock whore!! Give me your cum, buttfuck asslord Daddy!! Stop and lay on your back which I did. Lay on the edge of the bed. I did that and he told me he was going to fuck my throat and videotape it. Want my balls to hit your eyes? Yes, Daddy, I do. Then offer yourself to me. I leaned my head way back and he slowly shoved his cock down until his balls were hitting my face. With every thrust he would hit his balls against my cheeks and eyes. It was freaky watching his giant balls coming at my face. I was such a dirty little fuck whore who would do anything he wanted me to do. He was moaning and tensing up. I had him. All I had to do was make him cum which I full intended to do. Eat my cock, cock slut. Eat it, bitch. You're going to eat my cum aren't you, cocksucker sexy assfuck boy. Yes, Daddy. I'm all of those things and more or less as you please. My pleasure is using you roughly. Is it yours? Fuck yes, Daddy. Use and abuse me, buttfuck Daddy. I'm buttfucking you, ass whore. You like it? God, I love it so much it hurts. Really, it hurts. Should I quit? Hell no, assfuck Daddy. Does my throat make your cock feel good, Daddy? Fuck yes, buttfuck nasty boy. I'm your nasty boy, assfucker Daddy!! Please use me nastily. Please degrade me, Buttfuck Daddy?!?!? My ass needs abuse. Well, you're going to get more than you can handle. I can handle quite a lot of abuse, brutal ass destroyer Daddy. Shut up and take it, cunt. I'm your cunt Daddy. Yes, you are and any other guys I hook you up with. I really want you to get me gang banged. I would love that. Will you turn me out, Daddy buttfucks. He was getting ready to cum and I knew it. I knew the sounds. He was moaning furiously and shaking. I could feel him getting there and then cumming. His cock was pulsing in my throat and he shot a ton of cum in my mouth and throat. More suffocating and drowning. He always shot the same amount. Always a lot and never any less. What a fucking stud. His cock stayed down my throat and he finally pulled out and he smiled at me and laughed. Nice throat fucking, cock whore slut. You really are the best cocksucker and assfuck ever. You have skills and if you come to Hollywood I'll out them to use. Are you coming? I think so. Well, when you know let me know. Absolutely Daddy. You're holding my cum for me, Daddy!! That's right, cock slut. Your cum.....more later. P

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    September 25 ·

  • PaulRendle gave this place *
    Worth a Drive from Msp and Wisconsin cities
    Have business in MSP and Wisconsin occasionally, the Sauna is worth the drive and an overnight on Saturday. Have a good time every time I go, twice or 3 times a year. Extremely friendly, non judgmental, old facility but clean. If you are a new bee, there can be no less intimidating place. One took a weekday drive round tip, and it was worth it too. Locals, tourists, and sailors too. Highly recommended to enjoy and rid you of tensions

    September 25 ·

  • willie.butler.750 gave this place *
    Don't complain about the Duluth Family Sunda.
    At least guys are still lucky to have a place like this. Us guys in New York City have nothing . And we live in the biggest city of the U.S.A. So don't complain and enjoy the place.

    September 14 ·

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  • ChamMan07 gave this place *

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  • kevan.boman gave this place *
    I love it
    It's a great place good way to meet guys. Staff is friendly open minded

    June 1 ·

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    June 1 ·

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